SPECIAL THANK YOU                             



We would like to thank all of you who made this years’ Wooden Boat Festival the

most successful ever.  This Festival could not have happened without all of the TRSS Volunteers, and their families, the generous donations from Remington, Vernick & Vena Engineers, Sperry Tents, WOBM, Beaton Boats, DeRouville Boat Shop, the large turnout of Maritime Vendors and of course, our reason to do the event, the boats.  Thank you to all of the boat owners for keeping the rich boat history alive for us to celebrate.  We also can not forget the Valhalla’s Pirates.  A special thank you to them for providing a colorful day of skirmishes, mutinies and great fun.

Photos of this event are currently being collected and will be posted on our website,

www.tomsriverseaport.org, within the next few weeks.


                             Gary Micco                                Crickett Kersens

                                 Chairman                                          Co-Chair